I'm a HUGE fan of roots music. What is Valerie Smith cooking up? responded on 04/15/2014

Hello Teresa! Thank you for writing,.....well, sometimes it is as simple as a tv dinner! (LOL) Depends on the demands of my day! I have been in the studio and just finished a very unusual project called, "The Human Condition". It is special to me because I feel that the songs will bring so much happiness, peace and comfort to people. It should be released this summer. I have an award-winning Graphic Designer doing the CD presentation and will have about 200-500 of those collectables for sale before the others hit the ground going. Please keep checking this newsletter...become part of my street team and help me spread the world. I need all of the help I can get. To find out more concerning this project: and my mobile friendly site is, of course the official site will always be
Thank you so much for you letter, it means the world to me.
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Val Smith

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